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Foam-Control is an amazingly strong and versatile material. Consisting of over 90% air, Foam-Control provides protection, cushioning and ecologically safe insulation properties. By adding control to the mix, Foam-Control users have achieved some impressive results:

  • Window packaging that reduces both shipping cost and damage
  • Temperature-control packaging that preserves foods, medical supplies and other temperature-sensitive materials for long-distance shipping
  • Casting patterns that produce more precise aluminum engine blocks, reducing cost and speeding production time

A no-brainer for purchasing.

For more than 60 years, molded polystyrene has been the material of choice for strength, lightweight protection, price and versatility. Whether it’s a small or large production run, the control you get with Foam-Control makes the best choice. Consider logistics: Your nearest Foam-Control manufacturer can help coordinate production of your Foam-Control product anywhere in the country through the Foam-Control network. You develop specs, designs and prototypes locally, then manufacture close to your production facilities or customers.

A breeze for operations.

Control means that your Foam-Control packaging and OEM products can be designed to make your operations run smoothly, and will complement your packaging and manufacturing processes.

Foam-Control components are quick and easy to assemble; no special handling is required. And even though Foam-Control has a national presence, we’re also the best local vendor you’ve ever worked with, offering great customer service, proven systems and on-time delivery.

For packaging: Protection without compromise.

Foam-Control gives you the flexibility to create the perfect protection for your product, and reduce shipping costs:

  • Available in a range of densities/Types for strength and cushioning
  • Shape mold or fabricate into almost any shape
  • Easily combined with other materials
  • Superior insulation value for temperature-sensitive products
  • Promotes recyclable and reduced packaging

  Foam-Control Packaging