Enloe Medical Center

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Enloe Medical Center Project Profile

Enloe Medical Center – (Chico, CA)

In 2009, the Enloe Medical Center expanded and doubled the size of the medical center, adding over 190,000 square feet of space including a new five story patient tower and renovated 28,300 square feet of existing space. This expansion helped meet the needs of the growing community.

Over 219,470 square feet of Foam-Control EPS WSG was used as a component of an exterior insulation finish system (EIFS) on the exterior walls of the center. The EIFS was installed in varying thicknesses from one inch to four inches in thickness to provide architectural detail to the exterior of the building.

Foam-Control EPS WSG is a preferred insulation and architectural shape component for Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems and it is manufactured with a flat, smooth, and square structure to meet ASTM E2430, resulting in reduced labor needed to install and prepare a wall for the coatings application.

This project also used Foam-Control EPS architectural shapes for additional decorative and architectural elements.