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Visit the Foam-Control Geofoam Channel on YouTube. Or watch the videos by clicking on the links below.

The Geofoam Solution (13:15)

Geofoam used in many applications.

Largest Geofoam Project: I-15 Salt Lake City (7:44)

geofoam was used on the I-15 Salt Lake City project and is the world’s largest geofoam project. Video footage from AFM and Hunstman Corporation.

Geofoam and its beginnings(12:30)

Historical use of geofoam in Norway.

Geofoam use in Colorado (4:56)

Geofoam Historical use in Mancus Hill, Colorado.

Historical uses of Geofoam (14:54)

Geofoam historical use at the Haneda Airport, Tokyo, Japan.

H3 (9:36)

EPS – Imagine the Possibilities (8:17)