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Nailbase 2-Ci

Foam-Control Nailbase 2-Ci

An easy to use 2-in-1 bracing and continuous insulation board.

2-Ci is the ideal two-in-one continuous insulation (Ci) sheathing board. 2-Ci installs quickly over residential and commercial wood framing members using compatible pneumatic nail guns. Standard wall claddings such as wood, vinyl, stucco, cement boards, etc., and code required weather resistive barriers can be installed over 2-Ci.


  • Saves labor with one step installation
  • Braces and insulates
  • Saves energy – no thermal breaks
  • Superior moisture resistance
  • No CFC, HCFC, HFC, or formaldehyde
  • No R-value loss or thermal drift
  • 4×8, 4×9, 4×10 standard boards available
  Foam-Control Nailbase 2-Ci
  Foam-Control Nailbase 2-Ci Installation Instructions